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Message from the Principal’s Desk

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Respected Parents and Dearest Students,

Educational technology is a medium that is used as a tool in the modern educational system to make teaching-learning process more effective. It can enhance the learner’s expectation; ability to visualize; thinking process and interaction with other teachers and peers present at different geographical location. It is oblivious that covid-19 has apparently changed the approach towards teaching-learning process. Now a days we are more familiar with a term “online class”, which is an adequate alternative to “traditional class”. Government of India is allowing universities to offer reshape the delivery of Education in our country to a great extend. Being a part of educational institution we are always trying to adopt new technologies and teaching methodologies to enrich the knowledge of our pupil and inculcate strong values combining with academic and extra curriculum.

Sincerely Yours

Deepjyoti Baruah, M.Sc. (Physics), B.ED
Cont. No. : 8638362828
Email : d.jbarua@yahoo.co.in